About Us

APSO is a nonprofit organization that offers individualized support to those currently living with ALS, their families and caregivers. In addition to helping our clients navigate the complicated logistical and emotional considerations that follow an ALS diagnosis, APSO provides heart-centered listening and the voice of compassion as families grapple with difficult choices. APSO stands alone in our approach to deliver support and services to our clients, which we tailor to the individual needs of each patient and their support network. APSO is committed to our unique model of equipping patients to face end-of-life issues with dignity and peace.    
APSO fosters intimate dialogues with those living with ALS, their families and caregivers and leads both educational workshops and gatherings for all individuals impacted by ALS. Our approach draws from our hands-on experience, as we continually strive to understand the overwhelming dynamics that ALS families endure.
We welcome all of your questions and requests.