You or a loved one has been diagnosed with ALS. Very quickly you realize that you have no idea where to find all of the equipment you need or how you're going to pay for it. For that matter, you don't even know the right questions to ask about what you're going to need. Where do you turn?


Let us help. Our years of experience with ALS has given us many resources to call upon. We'll sit down with you as often as is necessary and discuss your specific challenges and then make recommendations on how to go about getting what you need.


We've given you a few options to look at here for Doctors, Powerchairs, Accessible Vehicles, and even a place to go for Speech Devices. We strongly urge that you visit with us prior to choosing a vendor as we don't endorse any of these listings and want you to make informed decisions.


We've also listed some books here that might interest you. Check back often as we update our list.