What We Do

There is a great deal of ongoing research to find a cure for future victims of ALS; much is being learned and hope is forever present for a treatment or cure for this disease.

However, for those patients and families living on a daily basis with the challenges this disease presents, there are currently very few in-home resources available to assist them with the everyday issues, questions, and challenges facing them 24/7.  They maintain a hope for a cure, but in the meantime, they must deal with the ravages of this disease.

APSO was founded to compassionately provide for the needs of patients and caregivers who are currently living with this disease today - we assist, through home visits, education, resources, organizing and training volunteers to set up caregiving networks, and in working with families to modify homes for accessibility – we guide and walk with families through the labyrinth of complicated issues related to this terminal illness, including the financial, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical challenges that no insurance policy or health care clinic can provide. APSO’s goal is to ensure quality of life, and in doing so, to prolong quality and quantity of life.



Fun at the 2014 MDA Support Group Ice Bucket Challenge!