Who We Serve

ALS Patients

APSO is dedicated to helping everyone involved in the ALS journey. We assist with establishing patient care in the home, as well as providing educational opportunities to enhance the understanding of ALS and end-of-life care among caregivers and healthcare professionals. We provide training for volunteers who may feel inadequate or unqualified to provide personal care for patients. We attempt to share with others, the joy and fulfillment in assisting these courageous individuals in their journey.



ALS Families

We have found that by being present and actively listening to the questions that families would not otherwise ask, we can help to ease the fears and bewilderment that comes with the diagnosis of ALS.  Some want to know worst-case scenarios. Many want to know what it is like to die and how the specific situation might look like  for them. Of course some of these questions do not have answers. But by relating to families and sharing stories of how other families have coped, by understanding the unique dynamics of a family, and by connecting them to appropriate resources, APSO provides a different kind of service.  We fill a vital niche for those challenged by ALS in a way that is not aptly handled through other means.




ALS Caregivers

It is often not just families but a whole network of supporters who care for a patient with ALS. For this reason, APSO extends its reach beyond spouses and immediate families to friends, relatives, and professional caregivers who deal with the challenges presented by this disease.




Good Times At "Walk & Roll For ALS" Events!!